KerB CAO - A New Software Processor for Shape Optimisation of Ceramic Components:

The software sub-processor "KerB", developed at the Technical University of Clausthal, allows to calculate the probability of failure of ceramic components by three global and different fracture mechanical hypotheses simultaneously to the FE-computation. The computation of a hot gas fan made from SiSiC and specimens for material testing made from Al2O3 and ZrO2 are successful applications.

In the frame of the DFG-Project "Gestaltoptimierung keramischer Bauteile mit Hilfe des CAO-Verfahrens" the computation was integrated into the engineering design processs by the help of the CAO-method (Computer Aided Optimisation) according to Mattheck. The new sub-processor "KerbCAO" is a helpful tool for the design engineer to optimise the shape of ceramic components under complex multi-axial stress conditions.

The optimisation parameter is, according to the chosen ceramic failure hypothesis, the relative stress which leads to the highest value of the probability of failure. A limiting probability of failure serves as the target value of optimisation. The optimised shape is a geometry with a homogenous distribution of the relative stress.

The processor "KerBCAO" is able to optimise complex geometries, designed by typical CAD-programmes and meshed by the FE-program MSC.MARC. The exchange of geometry data between CAD- and FE-system works by using the standard interfaces like ACIS, IGES or STEP.


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